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Why Use a Staffing Agency During the COVID-19 Pandemic


COVID-19 has forced many businesses to reevaluate their strategies and day-to-day operations. From allowing a majority of employees to work from home, to seeing a massive reduction in the workforce, companies have been impacted in a variety of ways. As business owners try to cope with the ever-changing landscape, more and more are turning to staffing agencies to help cover discrepancies. While this may seem like a curious solution, there are a variety of advantages to using a temp agency during the coronavirus pandemic. If you’re dealing with worker shortages, overtime issues, or difficulties meeting quotas, Just In Time Staffing can help. 

Flexible staffing- Business owners are dealing with a variety of challenges during these uncertain times, least of which being staffing essential locations. Whether you’ve had changes in your workforce, or are finding that peak operating hours have shifted, a flexible workforce is indispensable. Fortunately, this is a difficulty that a staffing agency can alleviate. Just In Time can provide the right amount of workers at the right time, so that your business can continue operating efficiently. 

Get help during peak hours- Now more than ever, companies are asking employees to stay home if they feel unwell. While this is a necessary measure to ensure that everyone stays healthy, this can put stress on an already strained workforce. Temp agencies are the perfect way to ease that stress. Just In Time Staffing can help your company by providing professional, temporary staff to increase your workforce when you need it. Whether you’re trying to reach a quota or deal with long lines, we can help you meet demand. 

Reduce employee overtime and risk- Utilizing employee overtime during this pandemic is difficult. Many employees want to reduce their time at work to lower their risk of exposure and spend more time at home with families, but companies need them. By using a temp agency, you can help reduce employee overtime by increasing your workforce. This ensures full-time employees are used less frequently, everyone is safer and you can reduce your overtime spending. 

If your company has been struggling during the coronavirus pandemic, Just In Time Staffing may be the perfect solution for you. We have one of the largest talent pools available, with over 25,000 qualified candidates available for immediate hire, in a variety of fields. Visit our website today to learn more!