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2019 Construction season

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The reports are in and the construction industry is expected to continue to grow throughout 2019. As both the residential and commercial sectors continue to expand, one thing is certain — employers will need to hire valuable workers. This fact is especially important in an industry that has seen a slight decline in the number of workers in the past few years, which is exactly why employers should use a staffing company.

How Can A Staffing Company Help?
The latest forecast from the Associated General Contractors of America shows that both the number of projects, as well as the level of hiring, are expected to increase in Ohio and Pennsylvania. In fact, 95 percent of companies in Ohio anticipate hiring within 2019. Of this 95 percent, 26 percent of companies plan to expand their workforce by more than 10 percent. In Pennsylvania the entire construction industry is expected to increase by three percent.

A strong 2019 construction season means that employers will need to hire a wide range of workers. Reports also indicate that there will be an increase in the number of power, sewer, retail, manufacturing, and warehouse commercial projects, while multifamily residential projects will continue to gain moment. Like attempting to put a square peg into a round hole, the wrong match can lead to project delays and lost funds. Fortunately, through an efficient, yet thorough process, staffing companies are well equipped to find the right employer and employee matches. A staffing agency can:

  • Save employers time and money by providing candidate screening and interviewing services.
  • Find seasonal, temporary, and long-term placements.
  • Reduce overhead costs for employers.
  • Efficiently connect employers with a pool of over 250,000 potential candidates.

Make 2019 The Year You Work With A Staffing Company
As Ohio and Pennsylvania prepare for an increase in the number of construction projects, employers will need help finding skilled workers. Just In Time Staffing is a full-service staffing agency ready to help connect employers and employees. Contact a team member today so that your company can thrive during the 2019 construction season.

Hot Careers

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Northeast Ohio and Eastern Pennsylvania have experienced a rise in employment opportunities throughout the past few years. The region has long been known for its steady manufacturing and automotive sectors. However, the aerospace, technology, and healthcare markets have also experienced a surge in employment opportunities, leading to a new array of hot careers.

Hot Career Opportunities
Breaking into the right industry is the first step to take if you want to discover a hot career in a Northeast Ohio or Eastern Pennsylvania. To start you on the right track, you can explore job opportunities in the following booming industries:

  • Manufacturing — Industrial machinery mechanics is a popular job within the industry. In fact, the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services (ODJFS) recently reported that there will be a projected 16.9 percent increase in job opportunities for industrial machinery mechanics in the next few years. Becoming a cost estimator is another popular career choice within the manufacturing sector. It is predicted that there will be a 26.4 percent increase in the number of cost estimators within Ohio and Pennsylvania over the next 10 years.
  • Automotive — From truck owner and operators to salaried drivers, mechanics, and sales associates the automotive sector is booming within Ohio and Pennsylvania. Between Hogan Transportation, Gordon Trucking, Cross Country TravCorps, C.R. England, and McLeod Express, there are an estimated 26,000 jobs available throughout Ohio. There has also been an increase in jobs within the auto manufacturing sector, which has led to an elevated need for various managerial positions.
  • Aerospace — Ohio currently supports over 1,200 companies within the aerospace industry. This growing marketing place has been bolstered by the multi-billion dollar done industry, which is currently working with the Ohio Space Corridor to increase courses, certifications, and flight bolstered. This growth has resulted in a hot new career for drone pilots, aerospace engineers, and IT careers.
  • Healthcare And Medical Professions — Northeast Ohio and Eastern Pennsylvania have a large need for medical professionals. The steady healthcare market has created a hot career opportunity for registered nurses with RN, NP, or BSN degrees. Medical assistants and office coordinators are also popular careers within the industry.

Discover A Hot Career Today
Whether you are looking to make a career change or interested in exploring a new work opportunity, Just In Time Staffing is here to help. As a full service employment agency, Just In Time Staffing has partnered with the best companies in Northeast Ohio and Eastern Pennsylvania to help residents discover long-term, part-time, and amazing local career opportunities. Contact a team member today to discover the employment opportunity that is right for you.

The New Trend: College Graduates are Using Staffing Companies for Great Employment Opportunities

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While you may still hear lots of news about the challenges recent college graduates face in finding employment, more and more have discovered a great opportunity to begin their professional lives by joining a staffing company. For new graduates, in particular, there are numerous advantages to make use of employment agencies.

The opportunity to experience a variety of options before committing.

You’re going to have plenty of time to hone your skills to one specific profession. But as you’re just beginning your journey into the professional world, there is no better time to gain firsthand experience in numerous industries and roles. While you may have tried out numerous courses in college, the best way to get an accurate reading of what you most enjoy doing and what you are best at, is by actually doing it.

It will give you an edge

Oh those dreaded words: entry-level. You probably know that means you’ll be competing against thousands of other applicants for each and every job. Why not skip the line, and gain valuable experience that will look great on your resume? By making use of a staffing agency you’ll be able to be simply placed into positions, skipping the application process. Then, if you do decide to apply to a specific position later you’ll be head and shoulders above the rest of the pack, because you’ll have hands-on experience in the profession.

It leads to career opportunities

You’ve got your degree, and you know that you have so much to offer the right company. But so often, it’s just about getting in the door. Even the best cover letter in the world can’t express how great an asset you in the same way that a company being able to get to know you in person, and seeing you do your job. Starting out in a temporary position just might be the perfect way to land the job of your dreams.

This spring an entirely new class of college graduates is entering the job market. Watching the news can make you feel like predictions for professional success are dire. And while it is true that as a new graduate you’ll be competing not just against this year’s graduates, but those from the previous years who are still struggling to find the right job. It can seem overwhelming, but right now more and more graduates are realizing there’s an alternative to sending out hundreds of job applications and hoping to win the lottery. By making use of a staffing agency like Just in Time Staffing, graduates are skipping the unemployment and heading straight into professional experience, where an entire universe of exciting opportunities awaits them.

Construction Workers Are All In for Seasonal Hire

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The construction industry is quickly rebounding with a need for many new, skilled workers. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, construction as an industry had a gain of 41,000 between the months of March and April in 2016, and that was comparable to the average change over a two month period for the previous year. Of course, what this means is that there’s a rapid need for skilled employees. As the industry booms, many construction workers are finding that enrolling with staffing agencies allows them to find great projects through reputable contractors with guaranteed payment.

Benefits for Contractors

General contractors still very keenly feel the quick decline the industry had a number of years ago and many are wary to put too many employees directly on their payroll. For contractors, the balance is in finding reputable construction workers who provide top level quality, are dependable, and complete projects within the scheduled time frame. Working through staffing agencies allows the company access to workers who are already vetted. The workers are hired on a temporary basis, so general contractors don’t need to worry about sick days or other benefits that a full-time employee would require. Another great benefit to using agency staffing is the lack of commitment to the employee. This gives the contractor the opportunity to work with an employee first. When a construction worker is stellar at what they do and fits in well with the company, a contractor can request that employee all the time and can even opt to hire them directly onto their payroll. It becomes a great way to vet potential new hires.

Because there is such an increase in demand for workers, agency hiring becomes an excellent resource to make sure that the jobs are filled with qualified construction workers in a short amount of time.

Benefits for Construction Workers

For construction workers, contracting through a temp agency gives them the opportunity to find seasonal work without sending out massive resumes or going through the traditional job search methods. The agency generally calls them to see if they’re available for work and the construction worker can decline if it interferes with previous commitments. This allows a skilled worker access to a regular stream of projects and often keeps them busier than if they were a permanent hire in a contracting firm.

Many construction workers find this arrangement beneficial because it gives them access to an immediate income. For those who also freelance skills, such as side projects, this type of scheduling works well because they can determine whether or not to take a temporary assignment based on their own freelance assignment schedule.

The temporary agency arrangement becomes a winning option for both construction workers and the contractors needing skilled labor in a short period of time.


Fun Cool Facts

Alan Freed – D.J. who coined the phrase “Rock n’ Roll”

Anne Heche – Actress

Archibald Willard – Artist, painted “Spirit of ’76”

Arsenio Hall – Comedian/Actor – The first African American host of a nationally televised late night talk show

Ben Curtis – Graduate of Kent State University and the 2003 PGA British Open Champion

Bob Hope – Actor/Comedian – Winner of 5 Special and Honorary Oscars

Cy Young – Baseball player

Dan O’Shannon – Writer and Co-Executive Producer, Modern Family

Debra Winger – Actress

Don King – Boxing promoter

Don Shula – Football coach

Dorothy Dandridge – Actress – First African American woman to receive an Academy Award nomination for Best Actress

Drew Carey – Creator/producer and star of ABC-TV’s “The Drew Carey Show” and host of “The Price is Right”

George Steinbrenner III – Former owner, NY Yankees

Halle Berry – Actress/producer – the first African American actress to win the Oscar for Best Actress

Henry Mancini – Composer of “Moon River,” “The Pink Panther” and many more memorable melodies. Winner of 20 Grammys and four Oscars

Henry Sherwin – Founder, Sherwin Williams

James A Garfield – 20th US President

Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster – Creators of Superman

Jesse Owens – Olympic track star

Joe Walsh – Singer, songwriter, guitarist and member of the “James Gang” and the “Eagles”

John D. Rockefeller – Standard Oil founder

Kid Cudi – Hip-hop recording artist

Langston Hughes – Poet

Michael Symon – Famed restaurateur, Iron Chef on Food Network, and host of ABC’s “The Chew”

Molly Shannon – Actress and cast alumni of Saturday Night Live

Nine Inch Nails – Rock band

Patricia Heaton – Actress

Paul Newman – Actor, director, race car driver and Oscar Winner for Best Actor

Phil Donahue – Talk show host and winner of 19 Daytime Emmys

Sammy Kaye – Band leader – Kaye had more than 100 hit records from 1937-1953

The O’Jays (Eddie Levert & Walter Williams) – Popular R&B group

Tim Conway – Comedian/actor

Tom Wilson – Cartoonist, Ziggy

Toni Morrison – Winner of 1993 Nobel Prize for literature

Traci Chapman – Singer/songwriter

Tris Speaker – Baseball player

Vernon Stouffer – Founder, Stouffer Foods


Fun Cool Facts


Did you know that Cleveland is a prime location for major motion pictures? Numerous movies have been filmed in Cleveland, including: The Deer Hunter, The Fortune Cookie, A Christmas Story, Light of Day, Planes, Trains & Automobiles, Antwone Fisher, Major League, The Shawshank Redemption, Men In Black, Double Dragon, Air Force One, Proximity, The OH in Ohio, American Splendor, Welcome to Collinwood, Spiderman 3, The Avengers, I, Alex Cross, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Draft Day.


Fun Cool Facts

From the extraordinary to the commonplace, many innovations recognized around the world had their genesis in Cleveland. Here are just a few of the inventions created by Clevelanders:

U.S. college to admit students regardless of race, sex, creed or color (Oberlin College) – 1834

U.S. newspaper for African Americans (The Aliened American) – William Howard Day – 1853

Free home delivery of mail and first mailman’s uniform – Joseph Briggs – 1862

Electric streetlight and electric streetcar – Charles F. Brush – 1879

Indoor shopping center (The Arcade) – 1890

LifeSavers candy – Clarence Crane – 1891

Padded bicycle seat – Arthur Lovett Garford – 1892

Whole-body scanner and x-ray machine – Dayton C. Miller (Case School of Applied Science) – 1896

Modern golfball – Cobuern Haskell, Joseph Mitchell, Bertram Work – 1899

American League – charter member baseball team (Cleveland Indians) – 1901

Ongoing forum for free speech (The City Club of Cleveland) – 1912

American-made standard gasoline automobile – 1898 and American Diesel engine – 1913 – Alexander Winton

African American Cultural Center (Karamu House) – 1915

Gas mask – Garret A. Morgan – 1916

Automatic windshield wiper – Fred & William H. Folberth – 1921

Air-traffic control tower – 1927

Superman comic – Jerry Siegel & Joe Shuster – 1933

The phrase “Rock ‘n’ Roll” – Alan Freed – 1952

Rock and Roll concert (Moondog Coronation Ball) – 1952

African-American mayor of a major city (Carl Stokes) – 1967

Rapid transit rail service from airport to downtown – Greater Cleveland Rapid Transit Authority – 1968

NFL “Monday Night Football” game (Cleveland Municipal Stadium with the Cleveland Browns defeating the New York Jets, 31-20) – 1970

The first city to be awarded five All-American City Awards (1949, 1982, 1984, 1986, 1994)

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