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Manufacturing in 2018


Over the last year the manufacturing industry has continued to evolve within the United States, particularly in Pennsylvania and Ohio. In fact, with more than 12 million workers employed in March 2017, manufacturing remains the fourth largest employer in the entire country. As large U.S. corporations continue to turn to on-shore manufacturing solutions, experts predict that the industry will continue its long standing history of creating good paying jobs for workers of various skill levels. However, in a rapidly evolving job market, finding the right workers to improve your manufacturing efforts is made easier with the help of a staffing company.

Key Statistics Show The Continued Health Of The Manufacturing Industry
As one of the world’s largest manufacturers of various goods, the United States reached record industrial outputs of approximately $2.18 trillion in the third quarter of 2016. Throughout 2017 the industry continued to strengthen in various sub-sectors. Experts predict that the trend will continue into 2018. In fact, certain geographic areas, such as Ohio where over 690,000 people are employed in the state’s manufacturing sector, have shown significant growth.

  • In the second quarter of 2017 there were approximately 7.6 million gross jobs gained within the manufacturing industry.
  • From December 2017 to January 2018 there was an estimated additional one percent increase in the number of manufacturing jobs.
  • Current industry average salaries range from $28,250 for production workers to $65,120 for purchasing agents (excluding wholesale, retail, and farm products).

As the industry continues to evolve and grow, employers and employees can both benefit from working with a staffing company who is dedicated to finding the right employment solutions. In fact, a staffing company is best suited for helping to connect workers to manufacturing employers by reviewing resumes, discussing viable skills, conducting interviews, and offering helpful industry workshops.

Manufacturing Continues To Be A Strong Industry In 2018
The experts agree that manufacturing will continue to innovate in the coming year as it positively responds to changing factors within Information Technology and supply chain management. The statistics also show that employment growth will continue to rise, especially in historically strong areas such as Ohio and Pennsylvania. If you are interested in finding the right individuals to help grow your manufacturing ventures, then you should partner with Just In Time Staffing. Contact a team member today to secure your future in manufacturing.